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The Reen Consulting team is standing by ready to address your needs and help you put all of the pieces together. Whether you need to schedule a free consultation, or you just have questions about the team or the services we provide, we would be happy to speak with you using your preferred method of contact.

Our Contact form sends your message directly to our inboxes and is a quick and easy way of contacting us.  Feel free to call or email directly so we can discuss your specific needs.

When filling out the contact form, please be as detailed as possible. Details such as the Attorney Name, Firm Name, Type of Case, and Type of Service Needed are all very helpful when preparing for a consultation.

Kimberly Reen and the Reen Consulting Team provide life care planning, cost projections, medical records reviews, medical damage assessments, chronology, and more. Let us help you piece it together today!



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